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EER industrial fans







Industrial fans EER serie have a wide use with very low static pressures from 1 a 20 mm H2O and high capacity of 1,900 to 38,00 cm/h with maximum air temperatures of 60°C.

- Extraction of polluted air and fumes from premises
- Aeration of workshops
- Extraction of dusty-air (cement factories, mills, founderies, paperworks, etc.)
- Air circulation in heat exchangers
- Air exchanges in cattle raising sector
- Extraction in chemical laboratories (varnishing, bakeries, laundries, large kitchens, etc.)
- Anywhere where a large amount of air movement is required at low cost

Versatility in installation and performance
By the simple inversion of the motor rotation, i.e. of the air-flow, the EER industrial fans may operate both to extract polluted air from the premises and recycle it pure again in the work premises. The installation of the EER industrial fans may be carried out with a horizontal or vertical axis, on the wall, on the ceiling or on the floor, by means of bracket, situated on the upper flange of the circular tie-band.


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