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Main application
The new “POLIVAL” filter benches can be used for a wide range of application in welding, trimming, grinding and lapping operations in the wood, marble , foundry and metal industries. the careful design of noxious fimes and dust as they generated , thus preventing them from being breathed in by the operator, causing irreparable damage. POLIVAL filter benches are paticularly recommended for air recycling in the work environment.

Energy saving
benches are fitten with filter bags made from special tufted felt which allow filter yields of over 99% to be achieved. This means that filtered air can be recycled trouh the work premises with a considerable energy saving, especially durig the winter.

In addition to our standard models we are able to build benches of any size, lift and load. For special applications, we will supply asurface covered with refractory material on request.The POLIVAL model PR electronventilator, which is fixed onto the side of the bench, can be supplied in a boxed and also soundprofed version on request.


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