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Operating principle
The contaminated air enters from the hopper inlet and due to the abrupt decrease of velocity and the 1ST stage impact filter, the larger particles decant and fall into the dust collection bin. The finer or lighter particles flow through the unit, where the filtering cartridges are placed; the contaminated air flows through the cartridges (AIRALT) or the sleeves (AIRALT/M) from the outside to the inside, therefore the dust deposits outside and the air flows through the filters and is emitted in a purified condition. The gradual accumulation of dust requires a periodical cleaning of the filters: the backwashing cleaning is carried out by a compressed air blast which causes a high frequency oscillating motion to the filters. This air blast technique, also known as “shock wave cleaning” helps the backwashing process.

The cleaning sequence is carried out on each filter section, by means of diaphragm magnetic valves managed by a cycle timer, which determines both pause and operating period or by a PLC mounted on the control board, taking into account the pressure differential between clean and dirty zones of the filters. In this way the conditions of efficiency of the filter are always maintained at a maximum. Thanks to this highly reliable cleaning method, after an initial operating period, the filter reaches a nearly constant pressure drop throughout its operating life.

The unit is fitted with a differential pressure switch for monitoring the cartridges clogging and the subsequent pneumatic cleaning cycle. The standard mounted cartridges or sleeves made from polyester fibres with IFA/BGIA L-PES classification, ensure a high separation efficiency rate (<0,1%) only with filtration speed lower than 0.056 m/s, with inlet dust concentration of 200 mg/m3 and particle size between 0.2 and 2 μm. The AIRALT-AIRALT/M filter equipment allows a maximum vacuum of 5000 mmH2O/0,5 bar on the outlet. In case of special requests for bigger loss charges or version requesting Atex versions (filter positioned in zone 22-21 dust / 2-1 gas) please contact our Technical Department. We suggest to protect the unit against hard weather conditions to ensure a longer life.

Possible variations
Roof-mounted fan (up to 10 HP) with soundproofing box, cartridges removable from below, star valve, leg extension, filtered air expulsion from roof, execution in stainless steel.

Fire extinguisher system, explosion-proof panel, supplemental ring with centrifugal separator.


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