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DF/S portable fan







The brand new portable fan “DF/S” model is suitable for suction of fumes, gases, dusts, polluted air, small pneumatic transport of light dusts, air blowing and so on.Suitable in all that cases where a quick solution or a simple and orientable installation of the fan is required.

Thanks to the minimum weight and dimensions, the “DF/S”unit can be easily carried, very practical and handy it is furthermore equipped with a special support so that it can be positioned inmany direction.

High suctions capacity
The special centrifugal electrofan with open blades impellor, built in painted steel sheet thanks to the high pressure created, allows an excellent suction also with a flexible hose of considerable lenth (pls. see diagram of capacities-pressures).

The DF/S unit complete with protection grate on air inlet and outlet is supplied normally in single-phase version 220 V. with ON/OFF switch on the motor or three-phase version 220 /380 V. 50 Hz.On demand we can supply motors with other voltages and 60 Hz frequency.


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