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Crush-proof nylon coil black reinforced hose for max. temperature of 180°C. Suitable for fitting on reels and for duct or floor-mounted systems. Strongly recommended for its great flexibility, lightness and resistance.

Aluminised glass fabric flexible hose incorporating a high tensile steel helix sewn externally. Colour: silver grey with black scuffstrip. Operating temperature: 400°C. Suitable for fitting on rewinding reels and on stationary systems. Not crush-proof. Delivery: 20 working days after receipt of the order. Max length: 10 meters. For other lengths, please contact our sales office.

Glass fabric hose coated with PVC strengthened with harmonic steel close coil, covered with PVC. Operating temperature -20°C + 110°C. Max roll length 10 mt.

Seamed aluminium flexible hose Fire-proof. Max. temp. 300°C. 1 mt long extensible up to 3 mt.


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