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The CALORY incinerator with hot-air generator transforms woodworking waste into a free source of energy by recovering the heat produced by combustion and using it to produce hot air, distributed in the ambient by an axial fan controlled by a thermostat.

Simple, and sturdy construction
Steel combustion chamber lined with hollow firebricks, sheet metal cladding panels, cast iron bottom grid, and large ash bin under grid.

High loading capacity
The CALORY 60 can be top- or front-loaded with sacks of chips or wood pieces approx. 0.2 cu.m of waste material.

Operating principle
The ambient air sucked in by an EER axial fan fitted on the rear panel of the CALORY is forced into the area between the outer panels and the furnace, where it is heated before exiting from the rotating-vane damper positioned on the front panel.

Roughly speaking, on the basis of conventional fuel prices, the CALORY pays for itself in just two months! If an ECONOMIZER is fitted to the flue, the energy saving will be even higher.


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