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Water veil spray booth



Theory of operation
By means of the fan mounted on the roof of the booth, a depression is created, causing an air flow which is conveyed from the extracting front to the exhaust chimney. During this passage, the solid pigments of paint are eliminated through the water falls in the booth. Three washes in water and subsequent filtering enable
the capture of the suspended pigments which are deposited inside the collector tank. The submerged pump puts the water in the tank in circulation back to the small veils which, by overflowing, form the water masks. The pigments are initially blocked by the front veil; subsequently, the residual part is forced to pass through the internal water falls, to get washed before being filtered for the last time by the dry filter. In the ZPG version, there are two further water veils set along the side walls of the booth to optimize the first filtering stage.

The CORAL painting booths in the Zincovelo line are designed to ensure versatility, modularity and efficiency. They are produced in six standard versions with extremely robust structures due to their thick, galvanised panels which make them compact, solid and long-resistant



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