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The optimum application for the KARB unit is in the treatment of emissions released by painting operations and it is therefore advisable for an extensive range of customers who use paints containing organic solvents.The considerable amount of active carbons contained in KARB makes it possible to eliminate the gassy pollutants from the emission, thereby ensuring compliance with the current international regulations.

The KARB unit comprises a structure of galvanized panels (painted upon request) which are bolted to one another and house:
• a filtering section: comprising corrugated panels which trap the solid pigments released during painting operations; these panels may be reconditioned and they can be removed from the special inspection hatches;
• active carbon section: this section adsorbs the gaseous phase of the emission, i.e. the organic solvents contained in the paint;
• ventilating section: comprising a double inlet belt-driven fan which sets the whole unit under vacuum, ejecting the filtered air. The motor is isolated from the air-flow according to current regulations.

It may be positioned:
- on the floor, to create a vacuum on grated suction shelves, with glass fibre prefilters under the grille;
- in combination with painting booths with front suction;
- on oven and/or pressurised booths.


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