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The MFM modular filter unit is the cheapest and most practical solution for the removal of dusts requiring a large filtering surface (e.g. wood sanding). The MFM dust filter is, of course, also ideal for the filtering of saw dust and small chips where the quantity is not so big to require the use of a mini-silo or separate container (Silo).

Modular design
The MFM filters are manufactured in galvanized prefabricated panels which are easily assembled in standard modular units of 1 m (MFM 1), 2 m (MFM 2), 3 m (MFM 3), 4 m (MFM 4) and so on. This reduces considerably transport costs since the MFM’s are being shipped in knock down form.

Improved filtering efficiency
The high number of sleeves and the highly permeable needle polyester felt used improves the filtering efficiency as well as reducing pressure loss compared to traditional fabrics such as cotton.

The MFM’s have been created with a view to keep the overall dimensions small in relation to the filtering surface. This means they can be installed where the space available is extremely restricted.

Sleeves cleaning
A motorised vibrator a 0,12 HP/95 W is a possible option. For best results cleaning process must be carried out when the fan is not in operation.

Exceptionally economical
The MFM series is the most simple and the cheapest of the filtration units with large filtering surface area


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