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The CORAL MECMODUL filtering-station is of the modular sleeve type with continuous automatic unloading, for filtering woodchips, dust and sawdust. The structure is composed by sturdy galvanized panels bolted to one another.

The unit has been designed to operate under pressure: the dusty air enters the preliminary chamber which facilitates decantation of the larger particles. It then flows upwards inside the sleeves and comes out filtered at the top: with a suitable outlet plenum the air can be either recovered in the building or blown outside according to current rules, through a summer/winter by-pass valve.

Filtering efficiency
The filtering media used is polyester needlefelt. The polyester comes in two weights: type A suitable for rough chips, type B for finer dust.

Efficiency and energy recovery
The possibility to return the filtered air to its environment makes (when permitted by local regulation) it possible to save considerable amounts of energy because the temperature is not lowered considerably in the environment where the air is extracted.

Ease of access and maintenance
MECMODUL is accessible from the hatches of the heads to check the conveying system and from the side hatches for checking the conditions of the filtering sleeves which may be tensioned through the special adjustable sleeve tensioning plate. Service steps and gangways according to accident-prevention regulations are supplied upon request as optional.


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