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Range of use
The series of movable asirators(errore nel pdf) GAM/AF may be used wherever dust and scraps deriving from wood, rubber or plastic working material make suction necessary filtering.

Owing to the fact that these aspirators are settled on a trolley, the groups GAM/2C (or Bifoglio), namely with two filtering modules, and GAM/4C ( or Quadrifoglio), with four filtering modules, are particularly suitable, when frequent shifts are needed for machinery cleaning.

For its original shape and conception of the whole structure GAM/4C and AF/4C (or Quadrifoglio) may be useful, even in a very small space, for its considerable filtering qualities and great capacity of content, for any scrap product deriving from wood or metal working. Therefore it may be said that its efficiency in filtering and the overall autonomy of the group have improved.
The series GAM/AF may be used with some economical advantage in the running costs of middle-size equipments, if several units are placed conveniently, according to the plant structure.

Energy saving
With the series GAM/AF the energy saving is remarkable, particularly in winter, when warm air, perfectly filtered, is brought out again into the work room.

Filtering bags in special tissue
Our filtering bags are made of a very strong special tufted left (type A) that gives greater efficiency in filtering and much less load loss in comparison with traditional tissues, such as cotton. Obviously many types of tissues are produced, according to different types of dust they have to filter.

Can be completely taken apart
The group GAM/AF series can be taken to pieces and the price of sale is inclusive of cardboard packaging. Upon request it may be crated or send by sea in suitable chests.

Fitting and spare parts
Flexible tube, air locks, bags, feed openings, mufflers AFON, etc. (pls. see our general catalogue).


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