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CORAL'S AIRCOM/L sleeves reverse pulse jet filter is a highly efficient, self maintaining filter for dusts, with fully automatic cleaning by compressed air injection.

The unit is manufactured with individual, reinforced, galvanized (painted on request) steel panels which make for extremely robust construction. The design includes a soundproofed upper chamber which houses the suction fans, an intermediate section which houses the compressed air cleaning system, the centre section which includes the required filtering sleeves (polyester media C 500 gr/m2 BIA USG rated or as an optional BIA USG, C rated in antistatic/teflon coated polyester media) and a lower section with the supporting legs, rotary valve, hopper and polluted air inlet.

AIRCOM/L is working in depressure (vacuum) according to following process: the contaminated air enter from hopper inlet by the strong speed decrease, larger particles drop into the rotating valve and disposed outside the unit granting the maximum operational safety.

AIRCOM/L cleaning is guaranteed by the reverse jet system with compressed air controlled by the fully automatic cyclic programmer with pressostat (PLC) that gives impulse to the solenoid valves cleaning a row of filtering sleeves each time, obtaining in this way a quite constant loss of charges level and constant air flow.

The high pressure and efficiency suction fans are positioned on the top of the unit, soundproofed and in this way also protected by the weather conditions.


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