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The JETCLEAN DF mobile dust collectors are filter units equipped with horizontal cartridges suitable for suction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts as well as of small quantities of chips. They are composed by powder coated steel panels and pre-fitted with articulated arm flanged connection model UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE 3.3 mts (Standard) or EVOLUTION NO–SMOKE 3 mts (Optional) both in Dia 150 mm. They are engineered to be used inside the work premises.

Operating principle
The polluted air is sucked through the inlet thanks to the depression created by the suction fan positioned on the clean side. The filter unit consists of one vertical pre-chamber, where the heaviest dust settles, falling then in a first collecting bin (A). The following labyrinth together with the high efficiency filtering cartridges complete the filtration of the remaining fine dusts collected in the second bin (B). The high performance fan, placed just on the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level, the clean air is exhausted out through a top grill.

Perfect efficiency of the filter cartridge
The JETCLEAN DF thanks to the pneumatic cleaning automatic system (with compressed air) grants the perfect efficiency of the filter cartridge.


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