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The Grindex suction filter has been built for use in all dry grinding, tool sharpening processes, etc., and where the possibility exists to convey incandescent particles with the air that might damage the filters.

High filtering efficienty
The special high-permeability polyester needle felt with which the filtering pockets are made, ensures longer life and better filtration effectiveness (up to 99%) BIA U, and low load losses in comparison with the traditional fabrics, such as cotton for instance. In the GRINDEX/3 the filtering efficiency is up to 99,99% for special applications.

Minimum overall size
Thanks to the extensive filtering surface achieved through the filtering pockets, which however occupy less space than tubolar filters and also because of the compact bearing structure made from painted sheet metal, the Grindex is easy to locate near the machines or in laboratories.

Very low noise level
The Grindex filtering unit has been developed taking into account the problem posed by acoustic pollution, it offers a very low operational noise level of 70 dBA. An sound-proofing plenum is also available which reduces the noise for special applications (pls. see tech. details).

Energy saving
The aspirated air can be recirculated to the working environment. This allows considerable energy savings during the winter and running costs can be reduced through the implementation of a high-yield fan.

Maintenance the filter unit
The Grindex comes complete with a manual mechanical filter shaking device to maintain high efficiency levels of the actual filters. The unit has been especially built so that the filtering section can easily be removed from the top part of the Grindex with no need to use tools or service wrenches, hence the filters can be cleaned thoroughly after long periods of operation.

Fire-hazard safety extinguishing
Owing to the preliminary water system, any sparks present in the air are extinguished before they come into contact with the filters. This prevents damage to the fabrics and danger of fire. This system also reduces clogging of the filtering pockets, there by increasing their operational autonomy.


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