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Cleaning motor vehicle and filtering cartridges in general air filters without the proper tools is a difficult and unhealthy operation, leading to the dispersion of large quantities of dust in the work environment. In the majority of cases such difficulties mean filters tend to be replaced when they could easily be reused, with significant savings in terms of costs. To achieve such results CORAL has produced its own equipment, allowing for the rapid, economic and clean restoration of air filters. Given the simplicity of cleaning filters with "ECOFIL", this operation can be frequently carried out, thus restoring the maximum possible filtering efficiency and in case of the filters for increasing thereby engine performance, and reducing both petrol consumption and pollutant emission levels in the environment.

Cleaning of filtering cartridges in electrostatic powder painting operation; cleaning of the filter in sandblasting operation, as well as in standard dust collectors. Special applications on request.

The "ECOFIL" group comprises a cleaning chamber, with a hatch for introducing cartridges, and an aspiration connection; the chamber is mounted on 4 legs and connected to a filter (optional) that depresses the chamber, returning the filtered air to the environment.

"ECOFIL" comes in two versions:

A and C) manual control
B) automatic control

In the manual control version, the cartridge is introduced by means of the hatch, lowering the cartridge cap and switching on the aspirator group. There is a slit on one of the sides so that the compressed air gun can be introduced to clean the filter. In the automatic control version, once the cartridge has been introduced, simply press the cycle start button on the panel, after which the entire process is carried out automatically.
In both models a small motor keeps the cartridge to be cleaned rotating and work times can be regulated.



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