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Machine tools: multiple machining lathes, cnc, threading machines, gear cutting machines, grinding machines, cold pressing machines, etc.
Food industry: vegetable oil fog spraying machines, alimentary paste machines, etc.

Compliance to safety standards
The OIL STOP has been designed and manufactured in accordance to the laws and standards set forth by the American Conference Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). The OIL STOP meets or exceeds the T.V.L. (Threshold Limit Values) and T.W.A. (Time-Weighted Average) for the maximum acceptable concentration of the different polluting substances (for machine tool mist the maximum value is 5 mg/m3.).

Maximum efficiency
The OIL STOP performs with a very high level of filtration efficiency (up to 99%). Where bad odor must also be removed, OIL STOP is equipped optionally with CARBO activated charcoal filters. If odors are to be removed the composition of the polluting agents should be supplied us to enable suggest the proper activated charcoals.

Quiet operation
Due to the layout of its filters, their remarkable absorbing power and the special streamline, the OIL STOP can be used in any environment without causing acoustic pollution. Where very low noise levels are required, OPTIONAL AFON model silencers are supplied.

Depending on the different requirements, OIL STOP can be supplied with CARBO charcoal filters, with absolute filters or with any other type of filter to solve potential problem. As an optional we can supply either a collection tank or a continuous oil drainage system, and, in case of special installation requirements, also high pressure PA/P - PR - AP/T - PR/T - VAP.


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