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The NOIL filter unit has been made to purify the air in working premises, where oily fumes are produced and to recover the oil allowing the recycle of it.

INDUSTRIA MECCANICA: torni per operazioni multiple, macchine filettatrici, dentatrici, rettificatrici, stampatrici a freddo, ecc.
INDUSTRIA GRAFICA: rotative tipografiche per giornali (nebbie di inchiostri), ecc.
INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARE: nebulizzatori d’olio vegetale, macchine per la lavorazione della pasta, ecc.
ALTRI SETTORI: turbine, compressori, pompe, lubrificatrici, nebulizzatori, ecc.

Highest efficiency
Thanks to the joint use of a BIA tested USG,C rated cellulose pre-filter and polyester filter an high efficiency up to an average value of 98% in the capture of oil particles is guaranteed. The filtered air is then recycled in the work premises.

Oil recovery
The filtered oil collected in the low part of the separator gets out from the oil outlet which guarantees the almost total oil recovery and the relative recycle. The oil outlet of NOIL provided with a 1” 1/2 pipe union must always be plunged into the oil recycle tank so that there is no air escape (see installation examples).

Reduced overall dimensions
The NOIL separator is very solid and has reduced dimensions thanks to the inside mounting of the ventilator, allowing an easy adaptability to all machine tools.


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