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The CLEAN-FV Filter is used in the mechanics and graphics industries and in other industrial divisions where there is a need to purify air from oily fog produced by processing and to recover filtered oil for recycling.

Operating principle
Air polluted with oily substances passes through a mechanical separator, both of which are inserted in a channel that has the same diameter as the suction mouth. The drops of oil are pushed against the walls of the channel. The metallic screen in the channel prevents the oil from falling back into the flow of air, so that it slides along the walls of the channel to the collection hopper: in a second phase the oil will be collected in a small barrel (supplied as an option) and is eventually recycled.
In this manner nearly all of the oil particles suspended in the air are separated before it passes through a metal wool filter and a pockets filter. Given the high efficiency of both the mechanical separator and the metallic filter, the air at this point no longer contains droplets of oil. To eliminate eventual residual impurities, the air passes through a last pocket filter designed for large surfaces, realised with special top quality material, and is finally expelled through a grill placed on the upper part of the machine.

Construction details
The filter is made of a structure in enamelled steel sheet metal, where the abatement system is installed, which is made up of two filtering stages:

PREFILTERING The pre-filter is made up of an undulated stainless steel fibre mattress to increase the surface area. The frontal surface is thus doubled, with considerable advantages and increased durability. The pre-filtering group is especially designed for separation of oil from suction-drawn aeriform gas. The pre-filter is made up of a galvanised sheet metal frame, a synthetic fibre filtering septum with a filtering efficiency of 80, tested according to the ASHRAE 52/76 standard and a protective screen on both sides that has a 12 x 24 galvanised rectangular mesh.

FINALFILTERING The CLEAN filtering group is made up of high yield microfibreglass filters on a fabric support to increase its mechanical resistance. The filters are consumable, with high accumulation
power and low load loss. Filtering efficiency is 95, tested according to the ASHRAE 52/76 colorimetric standard. The filtering septum is built with a galvanised steel frame, fibre pockets with a fabric support and reinforced stitching, sealed with a rubber material and kept apart at the base of the aperture bars.


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