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The AEROIL filter unit has been made to purify the air in working premises, where oily fumes, oil mist are produced and to recover the oil allowing the recycle of it.

MECHANICAL INDUSTRY: lathe for multiple operations, threading machines, gear cutting machines, and so on.
GRAPHIC ARTS: rotary presses for newspapers, ink smoke, etc...
FOOD INDUSTRY: vegetal oil nebulizers, machines for alimentary paste working, etc...
OTHER: turbines, compressors, pumps, greasing machines, nebulizers, etc...

Oil recovery
The filtered oil collected in the low part of the separator gets out from the oil outlet which guarantees the almost total oil recovery and the relative recycle.

Reduced overall dimensions
The AEROIL separator is very solid and has reduced dimensions thanks to the inside mounting of the ventilator, allowing an easy adaptability to all machine tools.

Technical features
AEROIL range filters are electrostatic and, for this reason, are equipped with power circuit protected from accidental short-circuiting and discharge between electrodes.

The AEROIL range air filtering system directly derives from the CORAL Modular range. Specific characteristics are: high filtering efficiency, CORAL dual voltage electrostatic cell, excellent quality price ratio and motor directly coupled to the impeller. The performance and dimensional characteristics of the filters are a considerable advantage in everyday use on processing lines for solving also complex problems of pollution deriving from oil mist and industrial fumes.


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