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Dust free pressurised room


The CORAL pressurised cabins are mainly constituted of one or more ZINCOVELO water veil or TECNODRY/EURODRY dry varnished cabins, of an environment realised by assembling modular sandwich panels, zinc plated or varnished externally (optional), an air integration filtering roof, a pressurisation unit CTA or hot air generator and a control panel.

The varnishing cabins suck in the contaminated air loaded with overspray through the front panel and discharge it in filtered form via the centrifugal fan. The pressurisation cabin is directly connected to the varnishing cabin and can be accessed through the folding or sliding doors and can be inspected from outside through the porthole.

The operating procedure of the plant is clearly illustrated in diagram A, where a post filtration via active carbons using our Karb modular unit (optional) is also illustrated.

The pressurised air is completed constituted of air from outside the pressurisation cabin, and is distributed in to the varnishing environment at a constant temperature, monitored by a data acquisition and temperature adjustment system and perfectly filtered.

The internal lighting is guaranteed by neon bulbs 2x36W each, with IP 65 protection.


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